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Mobile Apps for Retirement Villages

Improve community engagement 

Attract new and retain existing members by notifying them of upcoming events and opportunities at your Retirement Village. Reward members for repeat visits by offering discounts and timely gifts. Increase revenue by allowing members to refer business contacts to your group directly through the app. Your app can be used for food ordering, event bookings, bill payments, golf course, tennis court or pool bookings and so much more.

Mobile App

Push Notifications

Send out timely reminders for upcoming events or opportunities that pop up directly on your residents' phones instantly.

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Events Bookings and Tickets

Allow members to see upcoming events and opportunities and confirm attendance directly through the app.

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Consultation Forms

Keep in touch with residents and generate new business by including accountancy consultation and question forms.

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GPS Location & Maps

Let your members email and call you with a single click and give them turn by turn GPS directions



Effortlessly send invoices and receive payments from your residents to help manage and update financial records.

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Resident Community

Keep in touch with clients and generate new business through keeping clients up to date with latest village news

Mobile Apps for Retirement Villages

Iphone + Ipad + Android + Tablet + Web App

A mobile app for your retirement village will streamline the way that your community is run and improve communication and resident happiness. Your own app is a great way to attract new and engage existing residents by keeping them up to date with upcoming events, streamlining bill payments, building loyalty, enabling food orders and so much more. From selling tickets to a  to selling groceries and services, there are so many opportunities for your village to benefit from it's own app.


Your retirement village can also benefit from the brand awareness generated by having a mobile app. For example, residents and potential residents can have access to your news and will also have access to your social media directly through your new retirement village mobile app.

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