Mobile Apps for Bars and Clubs

Create a buzz and loyal fan base for your business

Keep your customers coming back for more to your bar or club by enticing them with special offers, loyalty rewards and week day deals. Spread the word about your event nights and create a social buzz around your business.

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Special Offers

Launch special offers and promotions to entice new customers and keep your business top of mind.

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Photo Sharing Incentives

Allow your customers to share photos of them having a good time at your business and reward them for engagement.

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Publish and promote your events and let your customers know of special nights, gigs and bands at your bar or club.

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Push Notifications

Publicise your deals, offers and events by sending out push messages that pop up on your customers' mobile devices.


Food Ordering

Let your customers see your menu and even order and pay for food from their mobile device.

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Keep your customers coming back for more by integrating a QR or Mobile Stamping card Loyalty System.

Mobile Apps for Bars & Clubs

Iphone + Ipad + Android + Tablet + Web App

Having a mobile app for your bar and club will give you the edge over your competitors. A mobile app is an effective way to keep in touch with your customers keeping up to date with your latest news and events. You can save time and increase revenue through a table booking service and food ordering system.


Your bar and club can market directly to your existing customers through the mobile app, giving them instant access to your social media channels. Customers can share their photos and experiences through the mobile app encouraging other patrons to engage with your bar or club. The free push messaging system will help your customers know about your latest special offers and news.

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